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Bendigo Danial Mason’s Hometown

This is the story of a father, born in Bendigo, Australia, named Daniel Kenneth Mason, a child in a family with 13 children.
They lived in a very small house it had two bedrooms, small kitchen, a small lounge, and a bathroom.
His father worked day and night to provide for the family, he had a market garden a near Pyramid Hill, 50 Miles from Bendigo, when Daniel was just 7 seven years old his father died at the age of 45 years, this was tragic and had a significant impact on the whole family and a huge burden for his mother to survive and look after her 13 children.



Like many cities and towns across Australia, Bendigo is getting better at acknowledging and embracing the rich cultural heritage of its first peoples.
On European settlement this region was claimed by the pastoralists, until the discovery of gold in the 1850s eclipsed all else. People flocked to Bendigo from all around the globe, fuelled by word of the world’s richest gold fields.
Once mining petered out in the 1940s, Bendigo further developed as a manufacturing hub. Pop culture began to play its part and the city is affectionately remembered as the birth place of both the Chicko Roll and Four ‘n Twenty pies including the first Myer Store in Pall Mall.