Compelling Story

Compelling Story

The Judge stated this is a hotly disputed application for Custody” this remark reflected onto the unusual custody case, as at the time recorded as being the longest custody case held in New Zealand with an unusual overwhelmed verdict.

The case took 5 days, and the judge needed the wisdom of Solomon in a case like this. He e said for sure one of the parties will leave the court greatly upset, but it will happen.

The Story is dramatic and full of intrigue until the final outcome​

Danial Mason the boys Father was subjected to many accusations by the boys mother who claimed he was violent and a potential murderer.

Then there were many issues and incidents leading up to the court case that will leave the readers bewildered.

Father’s far to often get prejudged by law and child welfare groups due to the mothers lies and made up stories to better their own case and unfortunately they are believed in many cases and the father does not get custody or access to their children.

Father’s who abuse their partners or their children do not deserve to have custody of their children.

1976 at the time was the longest custody case held in New Zealand.

The interest or believe by anyone concerned about the ultimate impact of court proceeding and choices on a child’s best interests then this is a must-read book, all this should be considered by a wide range of readers interest in child custody matters and domestic violence.