You have an interesting story to share, one that shows intricacies of love, family, relationships, and human nature. It also sheds a light on how, in some instances, the law can be biased and one-sided. We appreciate you shedding light on the issues and difficulties some parents, particularly good and deserving fathers to deal with when it comes to obtaining custody of their children.
Overall, the book is a good read and will likely be enjoyed by readers. It was very heartwarming to read to the end. and the truth was given much importance. Congratulations on this amazing feat.

The Story

The Judge stated “This is a hotly disputed application for Custody.” This remark reflected onto the unusual custody case. It was at the time recorded as being the longest custody case held in New Zealand with an unusual, overwhelming verdict.

The case took 5 days, the judge needed the wisdom of Solomon in a case like this. He said, “For sure one of the parties will leave the court greatly upset, but it will happen.”

The Story is dramatic and full of intrigue until the outcome.

Danial Mason the boy’s father was subjected to many accusations by the boy’s mother who claimed he was violet and a potential murderer.

Then there were many issues and incidents leading up to the court case that will leave the readers bewildered

Fathers far too often get prejudged by law and child welfare groups due to the mother’s lies and made-up stories to better their own case and the father does not get custody or access to their children.​

Fathers who abuse their partners or their children do not deserve to have custody of their children.

The movie business

Danial Mason operated a movie business screening movies for the clubs in and around Auckland, he also had a large home cinema.

It became a contentious issue before and at the court hearing this came under attack and scrutiny whereas his ex-wife and others claimed he ran blue movies and showed adult movies when his son was present.

Then there was a lot said about the movie “ The Sting” this readers will find as how one could forget one occasion when this movie was screened on Oliver’s 4th Birthday.

The community service he undertook, when he showed movies on Friday nights for the local children were up to 200 attended at the local hall at the town centre, then on many Saturday afternoons, he screened movies for the local kids at his home cinema where some 100 children attended.

Fathers Have Rights too

In New Zealand Families Need Fathers

In New Zealand Families Need Fathers (FNF) group was founded in the 1970’s it is a registered charitable social care organization that provided information, advice, and support to parents particularly fathers whose children’s relationship with them is under threat during or after divorce or separation or have become alienated or estranged from their children.

The law In New Zealand at the time favoured the mother of the children as it clearly stated that a child or children under five automatically goes with the mother, in many cases the father does not even get access to their children. The court and welfare system favoured the mother, despite what she may have or not done.