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Hi, I'm Danial Kenneth Mason,
and I'm the author of Custody: Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

Danial Mason, a successful business professional from a tough upbringing, wrote Custody to highlight fathers' struggles to gain custody or access to their children. He hopes the book encourages fathers to fight for their rights. Danial is now happily remarried and living in Australia.

What's inside

Discover the heartbreaking reality of divorce and custody battles from a father's perspective in ``Custody: Blood Is Thicker Than Water,`` as Danial Mason shares his personal story and insights.


Custody: Blood Is Thicker Than Water by Danial Kenneth Mason is “based on a true story” a gripping novel that explores the complexities of family relationships.

The book follows the story of a dedicated father who fights the battle for custody of his son. The plot twists keep readers on their toes, making it difficult to put down. One of the strengths of this book is its exploration of themes such as loyalty, betrayal, and forgiveness.

It also sheds light on the legal system’s shortcomings when it comes to determining what’s best for a child. Mason’s writing style is engaging, and he does an excellent job of portraying the emotions and struggles of each character.

Overall, Custody: Blood is Thicker Than Water is an emotionally charged novel that will leave readers thinking about its themes long after they’ve finished reading it.


Chapter 1 of "My Story"

Begins in Australia in 1944, during the final days of World War II. The protagonist, Danial Kenneth Mason, is born into a large family of thirteen children. Despite his father being exempted from the war due to having too many children, the family struggles to make ends meet in their small house. Danial’s mother, a strong-willed woman, fiercely protects her children from the Child Welfare Department’s attempts to take them away after their father’s death. With the help of the Baptist church community, the children are temporarily placed in different homes until their mother can regain stability. The chapter highlights Danial’s early experiences, including the loss of his father, his mischievous nature, and the challenges he faces growing up in a poor family.

Chapter 2 of "The Next Chapter in My Life"

Recounts the protagonist’s arrival in New Zealand and the challenges they faced in finding accommodation. Despite their initial setback with the hotel reservation, they encounter a helpful Māori woman at the airport who assists them in finding an alternative place to stay. They settle into a boardinghouse in Herne Bay, where they meet fellow working holidaymakers and experience the friendliness of the local Māori community. The chapter also highlights the protagonist’s successful job search and their contribution in uncovering a theft scheme at the department store where they work. Through their involvement in the local Presbyterian Church and friendship with Mrs. Fields, the protagonist begins to feel more connected to their new country. Overall, the chapter depicts their initial struggles and eventual settling into their new life in New Zealand.

Chapter 3 "1967—The Year I Met Claire"

Daniel continues his blossoming relationship with Claire. They meet for lunch and spend more time together. On Claire’s eighteenth birthday, Daniel joins her family for a celebratory dinner at a hotel. He gives Claire a designer watch as a gift, and their relationship grows stronger. Daniel’s job at the head office allows him to see Claire every day, and he helps with the smooth transition to decimal currency. However, things take a turn when his friend Jimmy decides to return to Australia, leaving Daniel to shoulder the expenses of their shared room. In search of more affordable accommodation, Daniel learns about Claire’s grandmother who has a spare room in her house. He moves in and only needs to contribute to the food bill. Daniel decides to buy a car to save money on transportation, but he runs into trouble with his international driver’s license and receives an infringement notice for going through a red light. He attends a driver refresher course and eventually obtains a New Zealand driver’s license. The year progresses with memorable events, including the end of the six o’clock swill bar closing times and Claire finding a new job. They spend Christmas together with Claire’s family, and Daniel reflects on the year, feeling settled in New Zealand. He gets promoted to manager of the food department at work and pays off his car more quickly. Daniel also encounters Patricia, an old colleague from Australia, who informs him of job opportunities at Foodrite. He considers the opportunity and contacts Mr. Jackson for an interview. Ultimately, Daniel is offered a trainee manager position at the New Lynn store, marking a significant change in his career.

Chapter 4, "The Engagement,"

Describes the protagonist’s joyous decision to propose to Claire, his girlfriend. After two years of dating and falling deeply in love, he plans a romantic evening at an expensive restaurant. To surprise Claire, he discreetly places the engagement ring in her glass of champagne. When she discovers the ring, she ecstatically accepts his proposal, and the surrounding people offer their congratulations. The couple celebrates with a small engagement party at Gran’s place, where they announce their plans to marry in February the following year.

The protagonist contacts his mother to share the news and invites his younger brother, Noel, to be his best man. They make arrangements for their stay, deciding against Rose and Kevin’s place. Gran graciously offers her home for them to stay together. The couple later treats Claire’s parents to dinner, updating them on the wedding plans. The reception is organized at the local hall, with Claire’s parents and Gran offering to cover the expenses. The couple decides to marry in a prestigious church in Auckland, known for its grandeur.

As the year progresses, the protagonist avoids Claire’s home due to her father’s disruptive behavior caused by alcohol abuse. He acknowledges the distressing family dynamics and realizes the connection between alcohol and domestic violence. Claire’s mother defends her husband’s actions, refusing to press charges. The protagonist reflects on the denial and dishonesty within Claire’s family, which influences the events that unfold. The chapter concludes by highlighting the prevalence of domestic violence and the importance of addressing it to ensure victims can live fear-free lives.

Overall, Chapter 4 portrays the joyous engagement of the protagonist and Claire, while also introducing the challenges and disturbances caused by her father’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence within their family.

Chapter 5 "Family Violence"

Chapter 5 of the book delves into two main topics: family violence and the protagonist’s career progression at Crest Foods. The chapter reveals instances of domestic violence involving Claire’s father, who had a drinking problem. The narrator recounts several incidents, including a car crash while intoxicated, destructive behavior during a family dinner, and a violent altercation resulting in serious injury. Despite the court case denying his violent tendencies, the narrator’s firsthand experiences contradict those claims. The chapter also highlights the protagonist’s transition from managing a supermarket to joining Crest Foods, a multinational company. Initially hired as part of the merchandising team, the protagonist impresses the regional manager, Jonathon, who offers them a promotion to supervisor. The new role brings increased responsibility and freedom, and the protagonist excels in preselling products and organizing displays. The chapter concludes with the protagonist’s engagement to Claire and the upcoming wedding plans. Despite the successes and new opportunities, the chapter hints at future challenges and a roller-coaster ride of drama and deceit that lies ahead.

Chapter 6: "The Wedding"

In Chapter 6, the long-awaited wedding finally takes place. The protagonist and Claire exchange vows at the Presbyterian Church in Auckland, surrounded by their loved ones. The ceremony is filled with joy and happiness as the couple officially becomes husband and wife. They celebrate with family and friends at a reception in the local community hall, where heartfelt speeches are given, toasts are made, and the night is filled with dancing and merriment.

After the festivities, the couple embarks on their honeymoon, but their first night together as a married couple takes an unexpected turn. They encounter a distressing problem that prevents them from consummating their marriage. Claire reaches out to her mother for support, and they decide to seek medical advice. The doctor reveals that Claire has a birth defect called vaginal agenesis, which requires surgery and months of treatment.

This revelation brings a mix of emotions for the couple, including frustration, embarrassment, and sadness. They navigate the challenges together, supporting each other throughout the difficult process. Despite the setback, they remain hopeful and determined to overcome the obstacle.

The chapter ends with Claire receiving clearance from the doctor to resume sexual activity, signaling a new phase in their journey. However, the emotional toll of the past year weighs heavily on them. With a powerful sense of resilience, they face the future, knowing they have come through a challenging time together.

To find out how the couple continues to navigate their relationship and confront further obstacles, get a copy of the book.

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